Zinc Rainwater Range Introduced to the Infinity Family

Zinc is proving to be a popular building material and in response, Infinty have added the quartz zinc rainwater system to its stock for next day delivery.

Over time, Zinc forms a thin layer called a ‘patina’. This patina covers the material and protects it from weather elements, such as sun, wind and water but the change is practically invisible. It is immune to the harmful effects of UV rays.

The main advantages to the customer of a Zinc rainwater system are:

  • Sustainability - it is a green /eco product
    • there is no shortage of zinc as a resource and in addition
    • it can be 100% recycled at end of life.
    • Many customers today want to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the planet.
  • Aesthetics - Choosing Zinc as a rainwater solution is stylish statement for those after a different, unique finish that will maintain a striking appearance.
    • The ‘quartz’ zinc we have chosen to stock has the colour and texture of pre-weathered zinc.
    • It has been used as a roofing product historically and also contemporarily - it gives a similar appearance to lead but does not have a toxic run off and will not stain adjacent materials - great for water harvesting systems helping to keep the water clean and pure.
  • Durability - with a lifespan of nearly 100 years - it is completely unaffected by water, temperature changes and UV rays.
  • Non-corrodible - A fundamental advantage Zinc has over other materials is that it’s a highly corrosion resistant material, which is ideal if you live in an exposed location or by the coast. Its hard-wearing properties mean Zinc will last up to 50 years even in this most testing environment.
  • Low maintenance - requiring no decoration or cleaning, just the removal of debris that may fall into the guttering, making it suitable for commercial, civic and residential buildings.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
    • the stop-ends simply glue in.
    • The gutter lengths can be glued together or use our EPMD lined Union-connectors so there is no welding, soldering or messy silicone involved.
    • Wrap-around gutter outlets offer downpipe positioning flexibility.
    • Swaged-necked downpipes and fittings simply slot together.
  • Value - Over the life cycle of a building Zinc generally is one of the most competitive building material available. - PVC gutters and downpipes are chosen over zinc and copper mainly due to the initial outlay, however, when you look at the ‘whole-life costs’, that is the cost spread out over the systems’ and buildings’ expected life, zinc and copper actually perform well on cost.


For generations, European architects have specified zinc as a building material for all types of buildings because it would last and endure harsh weather conditions. And it is predicted that more and more homes will feature Zinc in the future because it is an attractive, durable, and green building material.

As more homeowners choose quality and sustainability over initial cost in home renovations, they’re choosing zinc over other materials.

It’s a popular choice for those who are using zinc elsewhere in the build or simply prefer grey-to-charcoal shades to match the rest of the house.

Infinity Zinc & Copper Price List

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