Tips for fitting Stopends, Fascia Brackets & Gutter Unions

At Infinity Galvanised Steel we do not install guttering - we just sell it. But we do make up hundreds of steel gutter samples for our sample boxes, and that means attaching a stopend, a short-back fascia bracket and a gutter union with security tab to (an admittedly short length of) a gutter!

The sales team here have taken phone calls asking how the stopend or fascia brackets go on (admittedly sometimes before they’ve even unpacked them!) and seen case study images of the installed gutters where the security tab has been overlooked.

So, while not claiming to be any kind of experts, we wanted to share with you what we have  found makes fitting easier. 
(and what, if you didn't know, might cause you unnecessary difficulties)

It is nearly impossible to describe these things over the phone when you can't see the components and describe their features, so we’ve made 3 very short videos that we hope do the job considerably better than we ever could!

Tip 1: Fitting the stop end

Tip 2: Fitting fascia bracket

Tip 3: Fitting gutter union - highlighting the security tab

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