Galvanised Steel Guttering

  • more robust than uPVC guttering products
  • retains its good looks for longer
  • does not crack, creak or fade
  • 100% recycleable at the end of its life

Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering

  • Benefits from three layers which protects the Steel and enhances the longevity of the colour
  • Is available in 7 colours in 24 hours or a considerably wider range of colours than uPVC if you are prepared for a longer lead time and additional surcharges
    Colours available from stock
  • Comes with 20% deeper flow-capacity meaning it WILL cope and continue to work effectively to protect your home even with the new extremes of the British weather
  • Is more stylish than uPVC or rivals' metal guttering
    1. The galvanised Steel Core
    2. The Zinc/Magnesium corrosion protection layer
    3. A primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protects
    4. Finally, the polyester top coat with maximum UV and scratch resistant properties*
*The science bit: Scratch resistant to >_30 N and UV resistant RUV 4

Image of a installation of Infinity Galvanised Steel guttering in black 150mm gutters and 80mm downpipes

A rainbow range of colours available in Galvanised Steel Guttering and Downpipes with longer lead times and additional surcharges

The robust 3 layer colour coating system that ensure the infinity galvanised steel guttering keeps looking great for 25 years plus