Stainless Steel Rainwater Range Added

We’ve added a Stainless Steel Rainwater system to the Infinity Range.

We want to offer our customers the greatest choice of the highest quality metal rainwater and drainage products at the keenest prices. We’ve partnered with German manufacturer, Zambelli, to bring their Stainless Steel rainwater system to the UK market under our Infinity brand name.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a rust-free and weather-resistant alternative, offering your home a distinctive finish that will retain its shine for many years. Almost no maintenance is required apart from periodic removal of debris. Brighter surfaces reduce the adherence of dirt particles so are easier to keep clean. The smooth inside surface of the stainless steel ensures excellent self-cleaning properties, high flow capacity and prevents blockages.

Because of its superior durability, stainless steel is particularly suited for roof drainage systems. In aggressive environmental conditions, the cost benefits of stainless steel become especially evident, as the material is highly resistant to ageing.

Commercial buildings are often located in areas with a greater degree of air pollution, Stainless Steel offers a greater resistance to these environmental impacts.

Stainless steel is a very environmentally-friendly product. Many homeowners collect run-off water in rainwater barrels to use for watering flower beds, lawns or topping up fish-ponds. Due to its special homogeneous passive layer, stainless steel does not contaminate the run-off water.

The recycled content of stainless steel produced today is as high as 60% and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Low-cost, versatile, strong, corrosion resistant to run-off from bituminous materials and woods with high acidic content


UGINOX FTE© Stainless Steel

Zambelli use UGINOX FTE© stainless steel for the rainwater system. Here’s the science bit – because somebody always asks us – but if this isn’t what you’re looking for the answers to, just skip to the next paragraph:

The UGINOX FTE© branded stainless steel in Infinity’s stainless steel rainwater range is a bistabilized ferritic stainless steel with an electro-tinned coating on both sides.

  • is K41 and belongs to the KARA range: it contains 18% chromium and is stabilized with titanium and niobium
  • it weathers over time, acquiring a matt finish through natural patination giving a traditional rustic final appearance
  • stainless steel is suitable in standard environmental conditions (not recommended in severe industrial environments or for use on seafronts)

Chromium is a key chemical compound, which basically gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance property. A chromium oxide is created on the material surface in contact with air and water. This layer repairs itself and therefore protects the surface.

In addition, both stabilisers (Titanium and Niobium) reinforce the corrosion resistance.


Infinity’s Stainless Steel Rainwater System

You’ll find the most commonly required 125mm (5”) gutters and the 80mm downpipes, suitable for residential properties and available to browse & buy on Rainclear’s website at for delivery in 15 Days and there is 30% OFF stainless steel on the website at the moment.

The downpipe clips & M10 screws and the fascia & rafter brackets you’ll need to use are from the Galvanised Steel range – there is no stainless steel version of these.

The stainless steel stopends are installed by the ‘seaming’ method, and not ‘push-fit’ like the galvanised steel and colour coated versions. You’ll need crimping pliers and a soft head hammer. Nothing too complicated.

A short video on the seaming method: (apologies for the 70’s soundtrack!)

We can order other sizes are that available from Zambelli for you, those more suitable for the commercial or public sector market. So, if you wanted something not listed on the website, please just get in touch to discuss your requirements on 0800 644 44 28 or email us at