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For this West Scotland custom new build Infinity's copper rainwater system was chosen to match copper fascia, soffit and roof.
The copper roof and gutters aging from a high sheen through a deeper reddish-brown to verdigris green should blend beautifully into the woodland setting.

This oxidising of the outer surface of copper (patination/verdigris) creates a protective coating so that copper can last 50-100 years, even as here, in proximity to the sea

A REAL copper rainwater system - now available for next day delivery
Some competitors only offer 'copper coloured' systems - but there's more benefits to using Copper for your rainwater system than just great looks!

  • It will not require painting (or cleaning if you are happy to allow it to patina with age), which makes copper a wonderfully low-maintenance option for guttering systems - ideal where some parts, like those on the tower, which may be difficult or dangerous to reach.
  • Plants actually grow better using pH balanced and chemical free rainwater  – besides its attractive appearance and high corrosion resistance, copper acts as an algaecide and fungicide making it ideal for rainwater collection.
  • Copper is sustainable, it is 100% recycleable, reducing environmental impact, making it more cost-effective as the long-term advantages far outweigh the initial outlay.

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