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Quartz Zinc Rainwater System – the sustainable architectural choice

Infinity is delighted to watch how well our Quartz Zinc rainwater system is selling, as we recognise how it can contribute to green and sustainable building design and a differentiating architectural aesthetic.


Zinc welsh case study image 003

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Firstly, few other options are as low energy intensive (its relatively low melting point requires significantly less energy to process), as abundant as a resource, and has an extraction process that avoids strip mining meaning less land is disturbed and any environmental damage is minimised.

Plus, with two- thirds of zinc manufactured worldwide being used for flashings and rainwater goods and zinc roofing and wall cladding also becoming attention grabbing design elements – you are in good company in considering Zinc to be an attractive proposition – in more ways than one.

Zinc forms a natural grey protective patina that can be pre-weathered as in the case of our ‘Quartz Zinc’. This patina is self-healing and insoluble to rainwater. As an exposed and highly visible part of the building its beautiful patina is an enhancing characteristic many architects and professional builders are seeking to include in their building design.

In the UK our developers still favour PVCu gutters and downpipes, whereas in Europe steel, zinc and copper are the materials of choice. PVCu is chosen over zinc mainly due the initial cost, however, when you look at the ‘whole life’, long-term costs - spread out over the buildings expected lifespan - zinc actually performs incredibly well on cost and is also obviously considerably more aesthetically pleasing than PVCu.

Zinc allows for both contemporary and traditional aesthetics and a respect for the environment.

What makes zinc the right choice for your build or refurb project?

Zinc Welsh case study Image 001

Stand out from the crowd yet fit in perfectly with nature with a zinc rainwater management system:

  • 100% recyclable - can be recycled indefinitely – recycling of zinc is a well-established industry and scrap zinc generated is easily recovered and sold on – commonly reused in galvanising or fabricating industries
  • Environmentally friendly in extraction and energy efficient & sustainable in production
  • Safe - it is a totally natural product
  • Life expectancy of more than 100 years - Non-ferrous so will not rust, highly resistant to corrosion in any environment, self-healing, will not fade, chip or peel - build for generations to come
  • Part of the beauty of zinc is its natural colouration so no additional paints, sprays or other treatment is ever needed. Sea salt can result in lighter or streaked colour appearing - in seaside locations regular rinsing with fresh water may be required
  • Compatible woods for run off into zinc gutters include: pine, spruce, scotch pine and poplar. Non-compatible woods are: larch, oak, chestnut, red cedar, Douglas fir, white cedar and all woods with a pH less than 5
  • Little or no maintenance required over the life-time of the product and even no replacement required over the lifetime of the building
  • Any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install this system with no specialist tools or training. The 3m gutter lengths and 1, 2 or 3m downpipe lengths makes for swift installation and the clever design features makes installation simple - the innovative Infinity Quartz Zinc rainwater system includes:
    • Glue-in stop-ends – so no need to solder the end of a run of guttering – We’ve a short video for guidance watch here
    • Gutter Union/Connector with EPMD rubber seal – so no brazing, soldering or messy silicone sealant where the 3metre gutter lengths meet
    • Wraparound outlets – so no brazing or soldering where the gutter meets the downpipe
    • Downpipes and bends have swaged necks, so slot together simply, allowing quick install without the requirement for glue or solder
    • Stainless steel nails and screws can be used


What is a Quarts Zinc rainwater system likely to cost?

With the current offer of 40% Off Quartz Zinc, a 3-4 bedroomed detached house could cost, for example:

Zinc Cost example table 3-4 bedroomed detached house

For advice on finding a local installer, or more information about the Infinity Quart Zinc Rainwater System – just get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Infinity on 0800 644 44 28 or email info@infinityguttering.co.uk