Price comparison

Whether you’re a roofer, a building contractor or a home owner, everyone wants a building’s gutter system to look good, work effectively and survive the tests of time.

Although metal guttering will always involve a higher initial spend than a PVCu product, it will also always add exponentially to the value of a property and provide better value over the longer term.

Price comparison table

BUT the greatest proportion of the cost of replacing guttering is often the scaffolding. So you are really looking at spending circa £1300 once
or circa £1100 every 5 years for the next 15 years!


There is increasing demand for guttering systems that match in with other features on buildings such as fascia, soffit and windows.
The Anthracite Grey, for example, is very popular as a result of this.

The 6 colours for next day delivery

Life-time value

When replacing guttering, the rainwater system components are only one element of the overall cost. Installation and scaffolding can be significant additions.
So when you consider having to replace plastic 2-3 times compared to Steel’s total lifecycle, Steel becomes the obvious choice for great looking, low maintenance, low cost, trouble free protection for your home.