West Wales New Build – Anthracite Grey

For this new build in West Wales the Galvanised Steel colour coated in Anthracite Grey was chosen for the rainwater system to complement the Anthracite Grey Aluminium window frames and brickwork and to contrast aesthetically with the wood cladding.
The 125mm deep half round profile Galvanised Steel gutters from Infinity are ideal for this area of the UK prone to sometimes high and often intense rainfall. Meanwhile the stability of Galvanised steel ensures negligible expansion in the summer which in dark coloured uPVC gutters leads to stress and eventually leaks at the joints.

Swan-neck Offsets

Two 72 degree bends make a ‘swan neck’ to offset the downpipe from the roofline to the wall of the building.

  • In the 80 diameter downpipe this makes a maximum of 210mm offset.
  • In the 100mm diameter downpipe this makes a maximum of 255mm offset.
  • There is a 60mm fixed offset available in both sizes of  downpipe.
  • For any other offset between 60mm and the maximums  you should pivot the ‘swan neck’ inside the downpipe to whatever distance from the wall is required to meet the outlet at the roofline. So that the running outlet or prefabricated outlet is not directly above the downpipe but set off to the side as necessary.
  • For larger offsets than these maximums with two 72 degree bends alone, a cut section of downpipe can be inserted between the two, cut to what ever additional length is required (allowing for swaged neck of downpipe piece and bends to  overlap).


Material & Profile:

125mm Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


Anthracite Grey RAL 7016M coated Galvanised Steel

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Infinity Copper case study Image

Argyll – Copper

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Copper was chosen for this unique, custom build in the West of Scotland for its natural tendency to form a protective green patina. This corrosion of the outer surface of oxidised copper actually provides a protective coating over the metal beneath, regulating the speed of corrosion through the metal so that copper can last 50-100 years even in this location with its proximity to the sea. Copper, one of the most noble metals, makes a wonderfully low-maintenance option for guttering systems.
The client enjoyed doing most of the work himself on this project. A local architect, Douglas Guest, worked with him on a design based on an idea of the basic shape provided by the client. The site, on a quiet road with access to the sea – somewhere handy for the boat – was sheltered and natural, being sloping and wooded, mainly with mature oaks, that seemed to ask for a split level design and copper seemed to be the best material for the roof as it wouldn’t host moss or lichen. Some of the oaks that needed cutting down will be used as cladding on the tower, which will go grey like the bark of a tree, combined with the copper roof and gutters aging from a high sheen through a deeper reddish-brown to verdigris green, means the whole project should blend beautifully into the woodland setting.
It may be a more expensive choice, but its beauty, durability and recycle-ability – reducing environmental impact – makes it more cost-effective as the long-term advantages far outweigh the initial outlay.

“I am more than satisfied. I can recommend Rainclear for the quality of product and efficiency of service and delivery”

The customer spent quite a bit of time familiarising himself with copper guttering available in the UK to find the most suitable product in range of fittings and overall quality so he knew exactly what he wanted when he placed his order by email,
but if you don’t, you can always take advantage of the experience of the friendly, knowledgeable sales team at Infinity Galvanised Steel and get in touch by phone on 0800 644 44 28 or email info@infinityguttering.co.uk .

We can help make things easy with take-offs from architects drawings and same day quotes.


Material & Profile:

125mm Half-Round, Copper Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


The colours of Copper as it ages

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Sudbury – Anthracite Grey





This stunning self-build project is a great example of what can be achieved by using the right combination of materials, textures and colours

The dark grey windows, contrasting against the pure white facade, are a bold design statement. When an equally bold roofline as needed to balance the building design, the customer had no hesitation in choosing Rainclear's Anthracite Grey Steel Gutter system.

Working with the builder, the client ordered the goods online at www.rainclear.co.uk - "We found the website easy to navigate. 

Product selection was made easy by the 'browse by' size and colour filters, and paying was easy with secure payment by card or Paypal.

There was free delivery on orders over £300 and I was really surprised by the speed of delivery too!

It was all very efficient with my order arriving the very next day.

I was also impressed at how easy it was to order a bespoke joint - we had a peculiar angle at the back of the house had to order a special joint.
It came within 2 weeks having been made specially - amazing!"

The builder was also pleased with the products and found installation very easy with dry-jointed rubber lined gutter connectors, push-on stop ends and wrap-around outlets. the end result is a very high quality rainwater system that will protect the building fabric for years to come.

This new build makes a bold and contemporary statement in a beautiful rural village location in Suffolk.


Material & Profile:

125mm Half-Round, Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


RAL 7016 - Anthracite Grey


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Meadowcroft – Black Galvanised Steel

This was a private build for Keith Huntingon, the Construction Director for Kier Living himself. Keith and his installer were familiar with plastic but were persuaded by the great look of steel to give it a try.

Rainclear provided a ‘take-off’ service to work out just what would be needed in both the depth of gutter and number of down pipes required to achieve the necessary ‘flow’; and the lengths, angles and brackets required for a long-lasting and secure fit. With the site being in a remote location, this took any guess work out of the equation to ensure a happy installer and a satisfied end customer.

Keith told us “We feel the gutters/downpipes were a perfect choice for the house and cope admirably with the serious downpours we encounter in the hills!

Initially they appeared tricky to fit, unfamiliar, but after a few attempts with the right tools they were quite easy and efficient to fit and very well  made/robust.

As soon as we have any requirements for steel gutters I will be in touch!”

With great looks and a good range of colours in a robust 3 layer coating, it is a great time for this galvanised steel rainwater system to rival uPVC and other materials. The initial outlay is now comparable to the premium uPVC market and as it is 100% recycleable it need not cost the earth either!

Material & Profile:

115mm Black  Half Round Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes



RAL 9005 Matt Black

The Langham – Black Galvanised Steel

A development of beautiful homes and a luxurious boutique hotel all designed, specified and built to an exceptional standard, on the former site of Langham Glass.
A blend of a technically advanced 21st Century home – ‘Eco-Home’ levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and Low Energy lighting – inside a charming traditional shell and in a great location – a picturesque conservation village in North Norfolk within an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The developers, Avada Langham Limited, have earned a reputation for choosing first class materials and designing properties with the owner in mind. Recent projects include work for HRH The Queen on one of the Royal Estates.

There was a wide variation of designs over the development of 70 homes so Rainclear’s customer service team assisted with ‘take-off’ from drawings, and managed materials scheduling so items arrived as they were needed throughout the development.

The Infinity high performing Galvanised Steel range was chosen for its:-

  • Stylish design
  • High capacity flow/drainage
  • 15 year product warranty
  • and being 100% recyclable at end of life

Material & Profile:

150mm Half-Round, Black Galvanised Steel Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


RAL 9005 Matt Black

English Brothers Timber Framed House

English Brothers make bespoke timber framed houses.  People choose to work with them because they tailor-make homes to match their clients dreams.

“We pride ourselves on getting every small detail right and using the best products in the market to deliver exceptional houses”

Jay Hubbard, English Brothers MD.

Rainwater systems are often overlooked, but they are a critical part of any home, a quality rainwater system is critical to a low maintenance trouble free home. The roofline and rainwater system frames the building and is a key element in the overall appearance, adding a stylish edge.

Rainclear partner with English Brothers to offer their clients an unrivalled choice of rainwater systems in Galvanised Steel, Aluminium and Cast Iron.

“Their products are sourced from reputable manufacturers whose systems are widely regarded as being of the best quality and finish available. Their customer service is second to none, offering bespoke advice backed up by efficient next day delivery. They combine 21st century technology with good old fashioned one-to-one customer service and that’s why we rate the company so highly.”

– Jay Hubbard, English Brothers MD.

The Galvanised Steel system for this project was chosen for its stylish good looks, lifetime value and high performance. The project was supplied in natural galvanized which provides the perfect contrast to the slate/timber roofline, windows and render. The galvanised steel range is also available in pre-coated colours from stock.
The steel in gutters and downpipes from Rainclear like the Timber used by English Brothers is a great ‘Eco’ product. Steel is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Material & Profile:

125mm Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


Galvanised steel is steel that has been coated with zinc through an electrical process. The zinc electrons bond to the steel to make an impervious, self sealing layer. So while untreated steel will rust, Galvanised steel will not. The system will not accept or require repainting.

The initially shiny finish will weather/oxidise to a dull almost ‘lead’ appearance which gives it a ‘rustic’ look, a good choice for this traditional style, but bespoke designed, timber framed property.

MiSpace – Housing Association Development

This was a new build project of 23 affordable homes that took place in 2011 as a redevelopment of a site at the High Street in Midsomer Norton and was completed in September 2011; the homes were a mix of two, three & four bedroom houses & flats specifically for local residents for rent & shared ownership.

The main contractor was Mi-Space (part of the Midas Group) working on behalf of the Guinness Hermitage Partnership; Rainclear were in turn working with the sub-contractor ISTL engineering who had been awarded a package that included the supply and fit of the rainwater goods.

Steel rainwater goods were specified for this project as they are an affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable solution and a great alternative to less environmentally friendly PVCu gutter systems.

Rainclear provided fully itemised quotations, installation guidance, samples & advice to ISTL prior to and during installation and made several deliveries directly to site to minimise inconvenience to the installer who’s office was situated a long distance away in Cardiff.

This is a great example of how local authorities and low cost housing providers are beginning to make the switch to more sustainable rainwater systems – in this case steel, realising the ‘life cost’ and environmental benefits associated with this emerging product range.

Material & Profile:

125mm Half Round Rolled Steel Gutter & 80mm Rolled Steel Round Swaged Downpipe