Plain Box Hopper in all 6 colours and copper

New Plain ‘Box’ Hopper added – based on customer feedback

We love to offer exceptional service levels as well as the highest quality products and value for money to our customers.

For example, we recently added a new plain ‘box’ hopper in all 6 stocked colours (and will be arriving in stock in Copper very soon!) based on feedback directly from our customers.

As you can see from the simple 'box'  design, compared to the other more embellished hopper designs that are the standard from the range - sometime 'less' really is 'more'!

Plain Box Hopper in all 6 colours and copper

The plain 'box' hopper developed by Rainclear with the manufacturer based on feedback from our customers

The Standard, but more embellished Hoppers from the Infinity Galvanised Steel rainwater range


So if you don't see exactly what you want, get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0800 644 44 28 or email

We can help to arrange bespoke fabrication for you, or we may know just the thing to resolve your rainwater management issue.

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