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Natural Zinc – Now in Stock – for Next Day Delivery

We have once again responded to the demand for our Natural Zinc Rainwater System by adding it to the huge ranges we stock in our two warehouses in Swindon, ready for next day delivery to mainland UK addresses.

The Natural Zinc was only added to the Rainclear website website, originally with a 15day leadtime, in April. But the response has been such a success that we’ve had to recognised the value to our customer of having a shorter leadtime and so we began stocking the range, in 115mm half-round profile gutter and 80mm diameter round downpipe, from the 5th July 2020.

Natural Zinc – The Eco Option

Natural Zinc Case study image 001

Zinc is a durable material with a lifespan of 30-100 years making it cost effective, both from an initial outlay and from a life-cycle perspective.

Everyone wants to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the planet today and Zinc is the perfect choice for this as it is 100% recyclable - It is a very common resource, mined globally and one of the most sustainable metals used in construction because of its low melting point which requires less energy to convert it into recyclable material. This is just one of the reasons Zinc has grown in popularity compared to other types of rainwater system metals and materials.

Natural Zinc – The Aesthetic Option

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Zinc guttering is perfect for making a statement. With a very shiny surface initially, once installed on a building, Natural Zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina.

The development of the patina can take several years depending on the environmental and geographic location of the installation. The aesthetically pleasing patina also provides a protective top layer to the material, making zinc a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance. The patina also means it is self-healing so any surface scratches will not require any ‘touch up’.

This transformation of the zinc surface allows for dynamic and striking results. Marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, so if a uniform finish is desired, a different zinc option, like the pre-weathered Quartz zinc, should be selected.

Initially a bright silver, the metal slowly turns into a darker shade similar to lead, making it a great choice for period properties, but also adds character to more contemporary buildings

Natural vs Quartz Zinc Comparison

Natural Zinc – The sensible Option

Natural Zinc Case study image 002

Another great property of zinc that makes it a great choice for guttering is that it is poisonous to moss and algae. This means that it prevents the growth of moss, mould or algae, there will not be a build-up of plant materials over time. This will reduce the need for maintenance and gutter clearing.

Its cost effectiveness over the life-cycle of a building makes zinc one of the most competitive building materials available. It is unaffected by corrosion and extreme or long term weather conditions.

The Natural Zinc system from Infinity is simple to install, with innovatively designed rubber sealed unions and push-fit stopends so gutter lengths will not require any sealant, soldering or riveting. The brackets, available in; the ‘rise-and-fall’ versions illustrated in these in situ images; in ‘rafter’ side and top-fix version, or versions for attaching to fascia board; are from the Galvanised steel range which is coated with zinc so will gradually patina the same way.

Our friendly, knowledgeable team are always happy to offer technical advice and quotations.

Visit for images of the zinc in situ or when you are ready to buy online, and if you have questions or need any help call 0800 644 44 28 or email

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