If you're a housing association buyer you have come to the right place to find out everything you need to know about this long lasting, economical, easy to install, sustainable rainwater system.

We know it appeals to Housing associations, for new build of retrofit, because of the low ongoing maintenance and repair requirements compared to installing plastic guttering. The initially higher outlay for this robust and long lasting metal system easily pays for itself in no time.

Galvanised Steel is still malleable which means no cracking over time and only 1.2mm/m*100k thermal expansion which eliminates large movement in cold and warm weather.

Galvanised Steel Guttering

  • more robust than uPVC guttering products
  • retains its good looks for longer
  • does not crack, creak or fade
  • 100% recycleable at the end of its life

Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering

  • Benefits from three layers which protects the Steel and enhances the longevity of the colour
  • Is available in 7 colours in 24 hours or a considerably wider range of colours than uPVC if you are prepared for a longer lead time and additional surcharges
    Colours available from stock
  • Comes with 20% deeper flow-capacity meaning it WILL cope and continue to work effectively to protect your home even with the new extremes of the British weather
  • Is more stylish than uPVC or rivals' metal guttering

Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering on Mispace housing association case study