Transforming your home with Stylish Galvanised Steel Rainwater Guttering & Roofline Systems

Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering is the ideal choice if you are a discerning, design conscious homeowner.

Infinity has been designed to suit all types of buildings from contemporary self-builds to the most demanding refurbishment and renovation project.
Galvanised steel gutters are the most affordable and versatile of the metal rainwater ranges offering smart and contemporary styling that looks great on both modern and traditional buildings. They also make a good alternative to the standard plastic guttering systems.
The stylish range comes pre- coated in a robust, three-layer corrosion resistant coating system designed to perform for 25 years without repainting.

Why choose steel gutters...?

  • The deep-flow half round profile has exceptional capacity offering peace of mind for effective rainwater disposal
  • A full range includes every component you might need: hopper heads, angles, branches, bends, offsets, outlets and brackets to cover even the most complicated build
  • All available in a range of 6 finishes: Natural Galv, Black, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey, Off White and Sepia Brown.



Q: How long should my gutters last

The Infinity roofline system is manufactured in Germany using the latest in both material and manufacturing technology. The system comes with a 15 year product warranty and will last in excess 25 years with regular maintenance.

Q: Is the system low maintenance?

The only recommended maintenance is an annual clearing of leaves and debris after the autumn leaves have fallen. The outside surface can simply be washed down with warm soapy water to remove any green moss or algea.

Q:Will the colour fade?

The natural Galvanised finish will simply weather over time and dull slightly to give a natural oxidised finish. The Colour ranges are UV resistant and unlike plastic will not fade or crack in the sun.

Q: Do steel gutters crack like plastic?

Steel is a malleable material and extremely strong, unlike plastic steel has low thermal expansion which means that it is not vulnerable to the varying temperatures of the UK climate and therefore will not crack.

Q: Will the joints leak?

The infinity system uses a tried and tested jointing system that incorporates a high quality EPDM rubber seal together with a hinged clasp mechanism that ensures complete joint integrity and leak free joints.

Q: How do I calculate what I need?

See our useful knowhow guide at, or if you have a drawing for your project then you can send it to us and we’ll work out exactly what you need and provide a written quotation. If you don’t have any drawings and need to talk through your project then call us on 0800 6444428.

Q: Where can I find a recommended installer?

Infinity roofline system can be installed by most competed builders or DIYers, if you want to find a trusted installer then use our search facility on our website to find an installer near you. If you prefer to call and discuss your project then please do so on 0800 644 4428 where we can match your requirements.

Q: I care about the environment and want to know if steel can be recycled at the end of its life?

Like the name suggest, the infinity system is infinitely recyclable, unlike plastic, metal products have a commodity value at the end of their life which means that they are much less likely to go into landfill.

Q: I’m worried about the coating being scratched or damaged during installation?

Due care should be taken during installation, however, the infinity gutter length are supplied with a protective film that is peeled off during installation. Furthermore the ROBUST coating is scratch resistant and is pretty durable during and long after installation.

Q: What if I have difficulty in fitting your guttering?

A: Infinity is a very easy to fit, we have installation guides available online at or if you prefer to speak to someone the call one of our helpful customer service team on 0800 644 4428 Monday to Friday 8am and 5pm – you’ll get straight through to someone who can help.

Q: Can Galvanised Steel be used with any roof covering?

 A: Most standard roof coverings such as slate, clay tiles, concrete tiles and metal sheets are compatible with Galvanised Steel but specialist material such as cedar shingles or other wooden roof tiles should be avoided due to the acidity of the water run-off.  Infinity is available in Zinc and Copper for these applications, please enquire with our technical service team for advice on such applications.

Q: Why is the lifetime value of steel cheaper than plastic?

When replacing your guttering and roofline system, the material is only one element of the cost, installation and scaffolding costs can amount to a significant part of the overall cost therefore when you consider having to replace plastic 2-3 times to steel’s 1 lifecycle then steel becomes the obvious choice for long term, low maintenance, low cost trouble free protection for your home. And remember, it won’t fade, crack or leak.

Q: Where can I find a recommended installer?

Visit the 'Search for an installer' page on this site or contact us on 0800 644 44 28 or via email

If you have any other questions please contact us:

Call 0800 644 44 28 or email