Infinity Galvanised Steel Colours

Standard Guttering Colours

Standard colours are available for next day delivery

7 colours of Galvanised steel guttering stocked for next day delivery

Standard Steel Colour Options | Infinity Galvanised Steel:  Galvanised, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016M), Black (RAL 9005M), Dusty Grey (RAL 7037M), Grey White (RAL 9002M), White (RAL  9016), and  Sepia Brown (RAL 8019M)

Standard Guttering Materials

Standard alternative materials/metals: Galvanised Steel & Copper available for next day delivery; Quartz Zinc, Natural Zinc and Stainless Steel in 15 Days

Metals ranges - Galv Steel, Copper and Quatz Zinc

Standard Materials/metals Options | Plain Galvanised Steel, Copper & Quartz Zinc, Natural Zinc & Stainless Steel

Additional Guttering Colours

Additional colours are available to order and may be subject to longer lead-times and colour surcharges, please enquire with our customer service team on 0800 644 4428.

Additional Colours available in Infinity Galvanised steel guttering rainwater system

Additional Steel Gutter Colour Options | Infinity Galvanised Steel:  Grey Aluminium (RAL 9007M), Moss Green (RAL 6005M), 4 Brick Red (RAL 8004),  Chocolate Brown (RAL 8017M)

A rainbow range of colours available in Galvanised Steel Guttering and Downpipes in Infinity Galvanised steel guttering rainwater system
A rainbow range of colours are available in Galvanised Steel Guttering and Downpipes

N.B Colours are reproduced  on screen are for general guidance only.
For exact colour and finish references, please contact us for colour swatch samples and for further information.

T: 0800 644 44 28

Panel image illustrating the Colour options available with Galvanised Steel Guttering and downpipes
7 Colour options available with next day delivery
Colours available with Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering & Downpipes
Ask for a steel swatch books with the 7 most popular, stylish colours
Copper, Quartz Zinc, Natural Zinc or Stainless Steel - luxury, premium options
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