Glossary of Galvanised Steel Guttering Terminology

So you’re a veteran installing uPVC guttering, and then we come along suggesting you offer Galvanised Steel too 
you know, as a plus point product to your customers – “maximise your profit margin with your current order book” we tell you!

  • But what new fangled terminology are we expecting you to learn?
  • What new tools and techniques will we expect you to pick up?

We think you’ll know what we’re talking about and that nothing in the Galvanised Steel rainwater system we’re offering will flummox you!
But just in case you wanted to check this claim out for yourself, we’ve included here, alongside the terms we use to describe our products, some we’ve heard in use that are equally valid.

Galvanised Steel Guttering 3mtr Length
Galvanised Steel Guttering 3mtr Length

Gutter – Alternatives: Guttering, Troughs, Channels, Gulleys

  • Our Guttering comes in 3 meter lengths with a generous, deep half-round profile incorporating an integral rolled front edge which gives it stength but also an innovative joining method
  • This 'bead' provides a decorative edge and added strength. Each of our 'gutter Connector' or ' Unions' comes with a 'bead connector' which threads half-way into the rolled front edge on adjacent lengths.
  • This together with the EPDM rubber seal in the connector means no messy silicone sealant is required.

Galvanised Steel downpipe
Galvanised Steel downpipe 3 mtre length

Downpipe – Alternatives: Drainpipes, Rhones

  • Our downpipes come in 3mtre lengths with internal seams and 'swaged' joints that simply push together for a smooth, contemporary finish.
  • Available in 80mm and 100mm diameters to suite the rainfall and roof size requirements of the property


Anthracite Grey Composite - gutter union close-up
Gutter 'connector' or 'union'

Union Connector- Alternatives: any combination of ‘connector’ or ‘union’ including ‘union connector’

As already mentioned, each of our 'Gutter Connector' or ' Union' comes with a 'bead connector', a short length of rolled steel which sits with half its length inside each of the adjacent gutter lengths' rolled front edges

  • This together with the EPDM rubber seal in the connector means no messy silicone sealant is required to seal the adjacent lengths.
  • The sprung loaded jaws are secured closed by the cut out tab which overlaps them.
  • If you have any trouble closing the jaws by hand, try repositioning the rubber seal
  • The tab can be pressed home with a gloved thumb or a tap of a rubber hammer if you prefer.


Warning : we do also have a downpipe 'connector' - this is only required to use up cut lengths of downpipe as it restores the swaged neck required to slot downpipe lengths together to any spare off-cuts

downpipe 'connector'
downpipe 'connector'



Outlet – Wrap-around, running outlet or ‘prefabricated’ outlet

The choice is yours!

  • Either choose the wrap around running outlet for flexibility. You can wrap it  in place anywhere along a length of guttering and then cut a hole out of the guttering to allow the rainwater to run down into the downpipes connected by their swaged neck below it.
  • Or for ease and speed, choose the prefabricated outlet to save you anything but a straight cut of a gutter length, but you will need a union/connector on either side unless the outlet sits at the end of the run and can simpley be closed off with a push fit stop-end.

Push-fit stop end
Push-fit stop end

2-part offset from 2 x 72 degree bends
2-part offset created from 2 x 72 degree bends (or include a cut length of downpipe for greater offset)


Offset – Alternatives: Two-part offset or fixed Offset

  • For a basic 60mm projection we have the 60mm projection 'Fixed offset'

  • When more projection is required 2 no. 72 degree bends can be combined  and twisted to create a variety of 'offsets' from the wall.
  • When an even greater projection is required to cope with deep eaves etc. any length of downpipe can be cut and inserted between the bends to reach even further.


Galvanised Steel short-back fascia bracket
Galvanised Steel short-back fascia bracket


Brackets- Alternatives: ‘Fascia’ bracket or ‘Rafter’ bracket

As you'd expect,

  • the fascia bracket attaches to a fascia board and the gutters sit in them - there is a security tab at the back of the bracket and a bit at the front, moulded to match the rolled front-edge 'bead' mentioned before - these securely the gutters in place.
  • but for properties without fascia, there is the option of rafter brackets. These can be bent on site to match the angle of the rafters.

We sell bracket benders if required, but a vice may suffice.


Short or long heel shoes
Short or long heel shoes
Connect direct into subsurface drain pipes or kick out into open grate
Connect direct into sewage pipes or kick out into open grate
Image 4: M10 screw allow downpipe fixing to irregular surfaces
Image 4: M10 screw allow downpipe fixing to irregular surfaces
The robust 3 layer colour coating system that ensure the infinity galvanised steel guttering keeps looking great for 25 years plus
The robust 4 layer colour coating system that ensures infinity galvanised steel guttering keeps looking great for 25 years plus

Downpipe Shoe – Alternatives: Short or long heel shoe; or connecting the downpipe directly into subsurface drain pipes

Again you have a choice of 3:

  • There is the short heel shoe which kicks out 115mm from the wall (incl the standard downpipe clip/bracket*)
  • The long heel shoe - kicks out 175mm fomr the wal (incl the standard downpipe clip/bracket*)
  • Or choose to connect the downpipe directly to the 110mm diam subsurface drainage pipes with a rubber seal and a galv downpipe cover

These can be sprayed to match the downpipe with our 400ml touch up paint spray cans  (take a look here)

* We recently added a downpipe bracket with M10Boss and M10 Screws in 100, 140 and 200mm lengths -  for use when the surface of the wall you are attaching the downpipes to is uneven - you need the screw lengths to vary in order to keep the downpipe true and straight.

Not forgetting:-

  • A range of colour options
    The 6 colours for next day delivery
  • A 15yr manufacturer's warranty
  • A robust UV resistant coating - so no more unsightly fading as with upvc!
  1. Galvanised steel core
  2. Zinc / Magnesium corrosion
    protection layer
  3. Primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protection
  4. Polyester top coat for maximum UV
    and scratch resistance