Dusty Grey Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia and Soffit to match windows and doors case study image

Consider an Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit facelift – because your home is worth it, isn’t it?

Unique to the UK market, Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit.

Why Infinity Galvanised Steel? 

Because it is light and, therefore, easy to handle and install.  Because it is long lasting - not fading or creaking in sun and heat, not rotting in the wet - but adding a touch of class & style instead.  Because it is available with next day delivery in 3 profiles and 3 robust colour coatings, and can also be ordered in almost unlimited colours if you are happy to accept a surcharge and a longer lead-time. Because a value adding facelift that also protects your home from the elements – well, that has to be worth considering, doesn’t it?

Dusty Grey Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia and Soffit with Extruded Aluminium GX case study image

What is it likely to cost?

For a typical 3-bedroom semi-detached house on two floors, replacing soffits and fascia will require the erection of scaffolding - The cost of fascia and soffit is a small component of the overall price, with scaffolding often costing around a third of the total.

For example,

  • Scaffolding – £1,000
  • Material
    • uPVC gloss white– £230 (N.B. ‘Rosewood effect’ is almost 3 x as expensive)
    • Infinity Galvanised Steel in White Grey – £609.97
  • Replacement timber/tiles and waste – £50
  • Labour – £1,200

The ‘biggie’s often quote for full scaffolding while local tradesmen often use towers or work platforms, or have a mounted lift on their van instead; to help bring the % cost of scaffolding down; but also, if you have a conservatory or others’ parked cars /caravan in the way, scaffolding won’t actually be the best option. Sometimes, if the job runs over, the cost of scaffolding can spiral while you wait for a new slot when the team that put it up can return to take it down.

It is unfair to expect a quote for a job without an inspection being undertaken as old soffit and fascia can hide a multitude of sins. Damaged rafters and fascia boards may need to be replaced with new timber (Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit are designed to clad a timber frame) but equally, you shouldn’t have to pay for the inspection for a quote, or be time-pressured into accepting one quote before you’ve had a chance to get comparisons.

Our research into online reviews found complaints that “the 'biggies' always overcharge” initially. And one reviewer said, “They tend to use great sales staff but so often this isn't followed up by good fitters!”. Our trade customers are often small local tradespeople and we are big believers in keeping locals in business. All fitters should be registered installers so make sure your fitter is.

Why are the soffits not vented?

Reviewers also said, “a vented soffit will get filthy very quickly if you live by a road and is difficult, if not impossible to clean” so Rainclear created a solid soffit design.

Infinity Galvanised Steel in Dusty Grey with GX extruded Aluminium Moulded Gutters Cast study Image

What makes a Steel Fascia & Soffit facelift a good investment?

Replacement of your Fascia and Soffits adds value to your property and Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit are designed to be a long-lasting solution. They will not require repainting or additional wood treatments and, unless you fancy a change of colour later, they will not crack or fade and, therefore, will not need replacing. The manufacturers of Infinity Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit offer a 15-year product warranty, but the well-established matching rainwater system we also stock has proven to last over 25 years. Installers may offer their own guarantees as well, so that you can be reassured that they will return to resolve any installation issues.

For more information on Galvanised Steel Fascia & Soffit or advice on finding a local installer get in touch with the team on 0800 644 44 28 or email info@infinityguttering.co.uk