Anthracite Grey Steel Case Study in AberAC

Are you concerned about Galvanised Steel rusting?

Some old steel rainwater systems have given all a bad reputation. Some steel components without a Galvanised core and zinc/magnesium protection layer sold to property owners in coastal areas in the past resulted in problems later.

What protects Infinity Galvanised Steel?

Infinity Galvanised Steel benefits from a unique 4layer system which protects the steel and enhances the longevity of the colour.

  1.  The galvanised Steel Core
  2.  The Zinc/Magnesium corrosion protection layer
  3.  A primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protects
  4.  Finally, the polyester top coat with maximum UV and scratch resistant properties*

*The science bit: Scratch resistant to >_30 N and UV resistant RUV 4

4 protective layers that make Galvanised Steel long-lasting even in coastal areas


Another key factor in ensuring longevity is the installation process – and CUTTING in particular. NEVER use mechanical grinders or hole saws – They will damage the material. ALWAYS cut using metal snips/shears – THIS method of cutting seals the ends of the metal edge and prevents the ingress of rust.

Why Choose Infinity Galvanised Steel?

  • Infinity Galvanised Steel is available in 6 colours in 24 hours or a considerably wider range of colours than uPVC if you are prepared for a longer lead time and the possibility of additional surcharges (depending on the size of the order)
  • Comes with 20% deeper flow-capacity meaning it WILL cope and continue to work effectively to protect your home even with the new extremes of the British weather
  • Is more stylish and more robust than uPVC or rival steel guttering systems and retains its good looks for longer
  • does not crack, creak or fade
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life

Although it may be a slightly more of an expensive, its beauty, durability and recycle-ability – reducing environmental impact – makes it the more cost-effective choice as the long-term advantages far outweigh the initial outlay.

Anthracite Grey Steel Case Study in AberAC


“I spoke to my Mum’s cousin recently, whose son was building a house on the East Coast of Scotland. He thought his only options were plastic or Aluminium – a huge leap up in price – as he has seen old steel rainwater systems bubble.  I tried to explain that our colour coated Galvanised steel wouldn’t do that, would only cost slightly more than PVCu but last considerably longer, and in the Anthracite Grey, would match the aluminium window frames he’d selected for the project. I just couldn’t get him to consider taking another look at steel. After his previous experiences, his mind was made up.” Fiona Nevada, Marketing Coordinator at Rainclear.


Copper & Zinc from Infinity!

If we can’t convince you to take another look at Galvanised Steel for your coastal property’s rainwater system, how about a quote for Copper or Zinc? These are both naturally beautiful materials, extremely long lasting and we hope that we can surprise you with the value for money they offer. If, like my relative, you are building a dream home you intend living in and maintaining for yourself into your old age, you really ought to consider the long-term costs in both money and time and the benefits of a system you will not need to repaint or replace in your lifetime and that actually looks better and better as it gets older. If only we could say the same of ourselves!

Give your home a unique finish that needs virtually no maintenance.


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