For this new build in West Wales the Galvanised Steel colour coated in Anthracite Grey was chosen for the rainwater system to complement the Anthracite Grey Aluminium window frames and brickwork and to contrast aesthetically with the wood cladding.
The 125mm deep half round profile Galvanised Steel gutters from Infinity are ideal for this area of the UK prone to sometimes high and often intense rainfall. Meanwhile the stability of Galvanised steel ensures negligible expansion in the summer which in dark coloured uPVC gutters leads to stress and eventually leaks at the joints.

Swan-neck Offsets

Two 72 degree bends make a ‘swan neck’ to offset the downpipe from the roofline to the wall of the building.

  • In the 80 diameter downpipe this makes a maximum of 210mm offset.
  • In the 100mm diameter downpipe this makes a maximum of 255mm offset.
  • There is a 60mm fixed offset available in both sizes of  downpipe.
  • For any other offset between 60mm and the maximums  you should pivot the ‘swan neck’ inside the downpipe to whatever distance from the wall is required to meet the outlet at the roofline. So that the running outlet or prefabricated outlet is not directly above the downpipe but set off to the side as necessary.
  • For larger offsets than these maximums with two 72 degree bends alone, a cut section of downpipe can be inserted between the two, cut to what ever additional length is required (allowing for swaged neck of downpipe piece and bends to  overlap).


Material & Profile:

125mm Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


Anthracite Grey RAL 7016M coated Galvanised Steel

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