English Brothers make bespoke timber framed houses.  People choose to work with them because they tailor-make homes to match their clients dreams.

“We pride ourselves on getting every small detail right and using the best products in the market to deliver exceptional houses”

Jay Hubbard, English Brothers MD.

Rainwater systems are often overlooked, but they are a critical part of any home, a quality rainwater system is critical to a low maintenance trouble free home. The roofline and rainwater system frames the building and is a key element in the overall appearance, adding a stylish edge.

Rainclear partner with English Brothers to offer their clients an unrivalled choice of rainwater systems in Galvanised Steel, Aluminium and Cast Iron.

“Their products are sourced from reputable manufacturers whose systems are widely regarded as being of the best quality and finish available. Their customer service is second to none, offering bespoke advice backed up by efficient next day delivery. They combine 21st century technology with good old fashioned one-to-one customer service and that’s why we rate the company so highly.”

– Jay Hubbard, English Brothers MD.

The Galvanised Steel system for this project was chosen for its stylish good looks, lifetime value and high performance. The project was supplied in natural galvanized which provides the perfect contrast to the slate/timber roofline, windows and render. The galvanised steel range is also available in pre-coated colours from stock.
The steel in gutters and downpipes from Rainclear like the Timber used by English Brothers is a great ‘Eco’ product. Steel is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Material & Profile:

125mm Galvanised Steel Half Round Gutters with 80mm Round Downpipes


Galvanised steel is steel that has been coated with zinc through an electrical process. The zinc electrons bond to the steel to make an impervious, self sealing layer. So while untreated steel will rust, Galvanised steel will not. The system will not accept or require repainting.

The initially shiny finish will weather/oxidise to a dull almost ‘lead’ appearance which gives it a ‘rustic’ look, a good choice for this traditional style, but bespoke designed, timber framed property.