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Natural Zinc – Now in Stock – for Next Day Delivery

We have once again responded to the demand for our Natural Zinc Rainwater System by adding it to the huge ranges we stock in our two warehouses in Swindon, ready for next day delivery to mainland UK addresses.

The Natural Zinc was only added to the Rainclear website website, originally with a 15day leadtime, in April. But the response has been such a success that we’ve had to recognised the value to our customer of having a shorter leadtime and so we began stocking the range, in 115mm half-round profile gutter and 80mm diameter round downpipe, from the 5th July 2020.

Natural Zinc – The Eco Option

Natural Zinc Case study image 001

Zinc is a durable material with a lifespan of 30-100 years making it cost effective, both from an initial outlay and from a life-cycle perspective.

Everyone wants to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the planet today and Zinc is the perfect choice for this as it is 100% recyclable - It is a very common resource, mined globally and one of the most sustainable metals used in construction because of its low melting point which requires less energy to convert it into recyclable material. This is just one of the reasons Zinc has grown in popularity compared to other types of rainwater system metals and materials.

Natural Zinc – The Aesthetic Option

Natural Zinc Case study image 004

Zinc guttering is perfect for making a statement. With a very shiny surface initially, once installed on a building, Natural Zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina.

The development of the patina can take several years depending on the environmental and geographic location of the installation. The aesthetically pleasing patina also provides a protective top layer to the material, making zinc a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance. The patina also means it is self-healing so any surface scratches will not require any ‘touch up’.

This transformation of the zinc surface allows for dynamic and striking results. Marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, so if a uniform finish is desired, a different zinc option, like the pre-weathered Quartz zinc, should be selected.

Initially a bright silver, the metal slowly turns into a darker shade similar to lead, making it a great choice for period properties, but also adds character to more contemporary buildings

Natural vs Quartz Zinc Comparison

Natural Zinc – The sensible Option

Natural Zinc Case study image 002

Another great property of zinc that makes it a great choice for guttering is that it is poisonous to moss and algae. This means that it prevents the growth of moss, mould or algae, there will not be a build-up of plant materials over time. This will reduce the need for maintenance and gutter clearing.

Its cost effectiveness over the life-cycle of a building makes zinc one of the most competitive building materials available. It is unaffected by corrosion and extreme or long term weather conditions.

The Natural Zinc system from Infinity is simple to install, with innovatively designed rubber sealed unions and push-fit stopends so gutter lengths will not require any sealant, soldering or riveting. The brackets, available in; the ‘rise-and-fall’ versions illustrated in these in situ images; in ‘rafter’ side and top-fix version, or versions for attaching to fascia board; are from the Galvanised steel range which is coated with zinc so will gradually patina the same way.

Our friendly, knowledgeable team are always happy to offer technical advice and quotations.

Visit for images of the zinc in situ or when you are ready to buy online, and if you have questions or need any help call 0800 644 44 28 or email

VIEW the Case Study Images"


Stainless Steel Rainwater Range Added

We’ve added a Stainless Steel Rainwater system to the Infinity Range.

We want to offer our customers the greatest choice of the highest quality metal rainwater and drainage products at the keenest prices. We’ve partnered with German manufacturer, Zambelli, to bring their Stainless Steel rainwater system to the UK market under our Infinity brand name.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a rust-free and weather-resistant alternative, offering your home a distinctive finish that will retain its shine for many years. Almost no maintenance is required apart from periodic removal of debris. Brighter surfaces reduce the adherence of dirt particles so are easier to keep clean. The smooth inside surface of the stainless steel ensures excellent self-cleaning properties, high flow capacity and prevents blockages.

Because of its superior durability, stainless steel is particularly suited for roof drainage systems. In aggressive environmental conditions, the cost benefits of stainless steel become especially evident, as the material is highly resistant to ageing.

Commercial buildings are often located in areas with a greater degree of air pollution, Stainless Steel offers a greater resistance to these environmental impacts.

Stainless steel is a very environmentally-friendly product. Many homeowners collect run-off water in rainwater barrels to use for watering flower beds, lawns or topping up fish-ponds. Due to its special homogeneous passive layer, stainless steel does not contaminate the run-off water.

The recycled content of stainless steel produced today is as high as 60% and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Low-cost, versatile, strong, corrosion resistant to run-off from bituminous materials and woods with high acidic content


UGINOX FTE© Stainless Steel

Zambelli use UGINOX FTE© stainless steel for the rainwater system. Here’s the science bit – because somebody always asks us – but if this isn’t what you’re looking for the answers to, just skip to the next paragraph:

The UGINOX FTE© branded stainless steel in Infinity’s stainless steel rainwater range is a bistabilized ferritic stainless steel with an electro-tinned coating on both sides.

  • is K41 and belongs to the KARA range: it contains 18% chromium and is stabilized with titanium and niobium
  • it weathers over time, acquiring a matt finish through natural patination giving a traditional rustic final appearance
  • stainless steel is suitable in standard environmental conditions (not recommended in severe industrial environments or for use on seafronts)

Chromium is a key chemical compound, which basically gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance property. A chromium oxide is created on the material surface in contact with air and water. This layer repairs itself and therefore protects the surface.

In addition, both stabilisers (Titanium and Niobium) reinforce the corrosion resistance.


Infinity’s Stainless Steel Rainwater System

You’ll find the most commonly required 125mm (5”) gutters and the 80mm downpipes, suitable for residential properties and available to browse & buy on Rainclear’s website at for delivery in 15 Days and there is 30% OFF stainless steel on the website at the moment.

The downpipe clips & M10 screws and the fascia & rafter brackets you’ll need to use are from the Galvanised Steel range – there is no stainless steel version of these.

The stainless steel stopends are installed by the ‘seaming’ method, and not ‘push-fit’ like the galvanised steel and colour coated versions. You’ll need crimping pliers and a soft head hammer. Nothing too complicated.

A short video on the seaming method: (apologies for the 70’s soundtrack!)

We can order other sizes are that available from Zambelli for you, those more suitable for the commercial or public sector market. So, if you wanted something not listed on the website, please just get in touch to discuss your requirements on 0800 644 44 28 or email us at


New Products added to the website this Spring!

New Products added to the Infinity range this Spring!

Natural Zinc rainwater range, Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel and 60mm Galvanised Steel downpipe in 3 common colours

We are always listening to our customers and adding to the metal rainwater ranges we offer. In response to requests for more colours, other metals and a downpipe size that competes equally with the plastic alternative, we have added Natural Zinc, Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel and a 60mm Galvanised Steel downpipe system in 3 common colours.

Natural Zinc

Natural Zinc Downpipe Shoe
Natural Zinc Downpipe Shoe

With a very shiny surface when leaving the warehouse, once installed on the exterior of a building, Natural Zinc will weather and form a beautifully textured grey patina. The development of the patina can take several years depending on the environmental and geographic location of the installation.

The aesthetically pleasing patina also provides protection to the material, making zinc a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance. Marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, so if a uniform finish is desired, a different zinc option, like the pre-weathered Quartz zinc, should be selected.


Grey Aluminium coated Galvanised Steel

Half Round RAL 9007 'Grey Aluminium' Galvanised Steel Gutter
Half Round RAL 9007 'Grey Aluminium' Galvanised Steel Gutter

Just added in 2020. For an affordable metallic finish that will not dull, darken or fade – choose Grey Aluminium RAL 9007 ‘Robust’ colour coated Galvanised Steel. The complete system of guttering (115mm & 125mm), downpipe (80mm & 100mm) and associated fittings are now available to buy on the website with delivery in 15 Days.

The robust colour coating has a 4-layer application for long-lasting aesthetics with uniform colour and shine: 

  1. The robust-top coat polyester coating for maximum scratch resistance
  2. A primer for a perfect bond and corrosion protection
  3. A zinc-magnesium (the ‘galvanise’) layer for durable corrosion protection
  4. The steel core

A more affordable alternative to plain milled aluminium which will dull and zinc which will darken, losing lustre, and which have risen in cost in the past few years.


60mm downpipes

Half Round Galvanised Steel 115mm gutter to 60mm downpipe 'wrap around' Outlet
Half Round Galvanised Steel 115mm gutter to 60mm downpipe 'wrap around' Outlet

Metal rainwater systems have always offered greater rainwater flow capacity than their plastic alternatives, but as some customers demanded an equivalent, we have worked with our fabricators, to offer these smaller 60mm downpipes and the components necessary to link into them from our 115mm (4”) steel and colour coated gutters. For now we are stocking the 60mm system in plain Galvanised Steel, Black and RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey colour coated Galvanised Steel.


We can offer many other colours, with a longer leadtime and sometimes incurring an additional surcharge, so if you wanted something we've not already mentioned, get in touch to discuss your requirements on 0800 644 44 28 or email

Infinity Galvanised Steel on The BuildIt Education House in Graven Hill (Grand Designs’ The Street)

Located near Bicester in Oxfordshire, “Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self-build scheme and the UK Government’s poster child for how bespoke home building could become easier and more commonplace.” For BuildIt it was the ideal location for the Education House, backing onto Grand Designs: The Street (to the west of the development).

BuildIt followed the design and build journey of the Education House in the magazine and online to give readers an insight into the process.

Once built and opened, at the end of October 2019, BuildIt’s Self Build Education House will showcase the design possibilities and practical choices needed to make over the life of a self-build project.

Grey-yellow RAL 7034 window frames

BuildIt partnered with Rainclear Systems, a leading UK supplier of metal rainwater and drainage solutions for the roofline part of their project.

Rainclear provided the right kind of customer service to Chris Bates, BuildIt Magazine Editor, ensuring the right products were ordered in the right quantities. Steered towards good quality solutions like Infinity Galvanised Steel gutters they settled on the plain galvanised steel for a maintenance free solution.

One of Rainclear’s local specialist installer customers took care of the installation. Were happy to put you in touch with your local specialist installer. Just get it touch.

“Rainwater goods are often one of those decisions that get overlooked during the early design phases, but have a major visual impact on the finished home”

The samples supplied by Rainclear helped with understanding how the window frames (in Grey Yellow RAL 7034), cladding render ad roof tiles could work together to change the character of the house.

Should the guttering and downpipes ‘pop’ out or blend in?

“At one point rain chains were mentioned, but the architect was not keen as they can be overwhelmed by heavy rainfall.”

One thing they knew was they wanted to steer clear of plastic gutters. “The cheaper stuff has a habit of expanding and contracting due to thermal movement, which can be noisy and will ultimately lead to it falling apart”. It didn’t offer the kind of life span they wanted. While Infinity Galvanised steel offered durability, minimal maintenance and attractive aesthetic at an affordable price point for self-builder. “The bonded zinc coating meant it will never fade or peel off”. And came within a whisker of an equivalent PVCu set up but gives a contemporary look, durability and is 100% recyclable at end of life.

Installation was straight-forward, as steel is lightweight, easy to handle, and uses rubber-lined connections or water-tightness o requires no messy silicone. Offset bends brought the downpipe around the first-floor cladding which sits proud of the render.

For more information about Graven Hill visit:

For more about the Education House visit:


For more about Infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering, Downpipes, Fascia & Soffit call 0800 644 44 28 or email

Related Images:

Quartz Zinc Gutter in situ on zinc roof image 001

Introducing Zinc Box Gutter

The Quartz Zinc rainwater system is also available in a half round profile with simple to install fittings for the average domestic project. But the two systems are aimed at different projects and skills sets. The Box profile system is more suited to a large house with a high-pitched roof or small commercial buildings, where a high capacity gutter is required, and is designed to be soldered where the gutter lengths and corners join (and to insert patch outlets – you cut out the hole for the spigot using a hole cutter of 75mm or 92mm diameter depending on the diameter of downpipe being fitted). Therefore, this system requires a slightly higher skill set, and the 120mm wide fascia brackets are far stronger (recommended spaced at 400mm intervals) to support a greater weight of water or snow load.

If you are unsure which size gutter best suits your project, please contact us on 0800 644 44 28. We can make a flow calculation to ensure that the gutters will cope with run off in the worst of the British weather. We’ll need to ask for dimensions of the roof area, roof pitch/slope and the geographic location of the project.

Quartz Zinc Gutter in situ on zinc roof image 001

Timber you should not use Zinc Gutters with

  • Compatible Incompatible

Incompatible woods:

  • Oak
  • Chestnut
  • Larch
  • Cedar (red or white)
  • Douglas Pine
  • All wood with pH < 5


  • Fir (red or white)
  • Spruce
  • Poplar
  • Pine

Also avoid contact with copper or water run-off from areas of copper (like copper roofs) to prevent the possibility of electrolytic corrosion.


Zinc is in plentiful supply throughout the earth’s crust and mined globally. It is considered to be one of the most sustainable metals used in construction because its low melting point requires less energy to convert it into recyclable material, and each recycling process takes away none of the mechanical and chemical properties that make it such a high-quality material (30% of  world  production comes from recycled material). Just one of the reasons it has become a popular choice compared to other types of metals and materials like plastic.

With everyone rightly focusing on environmentally friendly products, zinc is a great choice being abundant, 100% recyclable, and so durable that its long-life span means it is cost effective both for your wallet and for the environment. In rural areas (where pollution is low) its serviceable life can be well in excess of a hundred years (The average rate of corrosion of VMZINC rolled zinc is 1μm per year. With an initial thickness of 0.7mm, a simple calculation demonstrates that the estimated life span of rolled zinc is over a hundred years).


Distinctive appearance,

The unique appearance of the Quartz Zinc finish makes it the perfect choice of guttering if you’re looking to make a statement. Pre-weathered like the Quartz Zinc is, it is a similar colour to lead, so it can be used on stone or period properties that are being refurbished and can also look great on contemporary style new builds.

Quartz Zinc Gutter in situ on with zinc round downpipe image 002

Zinc is unaffected by weather conditions. It does not corrode, but instead builds up a patina, which is a layer that protects the metal, meaning the gutters do not require any painting or coating for protection. As the patina continues to build-up, it hides imperfections such as scratches, so there’s very little maintenance necessary to keep it looking good.

Unique characteristics

The pre-weathered zinc used to manufacture the Quartz Zinc rainwater system will not discolour, distort or become brittle over time. Cut edges (you cut final lengths with a hacksaw) will not corrode as the natural self-protecting patina develops over time.

Zinc is poisonous to moss and algae, meaning that there is little build-up of plant materials over time which would otherwise contribute to blockages in the guttering. This reduces the need for maintenance and gutter clearing, apart from periodical removal of leaves and other debris as and when required (annually). And it is great for collecting and storing rainwater.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Minimal expansion and creaking
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-protecting natural patina – will not corrode
  • Fully recyclable
  • Soldered gutter joints, gutter angles (you can buy preformed corners, but they need to be soldered to the gutter lengths) and patch outlets (added flexibility – cut the hole/drop anywhere along the length of the gutter that it is required)
  • Lasts more than 50 years

Zinc Box Gutter allow Thermal Movement image

Notes- Traditional high point movement joint:

What exactly is an expansion joint? Simply stated, a box gutter is terminated with an end cap as if the gutter has ended. Then, a space of an inch or two separates that section of gutter from the next, which begins with another end cap. The space between the pair of end caps is covered with a clamped cap to prevent water entry and to allow the separate sections of gutter to move back and forth with temperature changes (see below). Because an expansion joint consists of two terminations in the gutter system, it creates a dam in the system, preventing the flow of water across the joint. An expansion joint, therefore, should be located at a high point in the gutter, as water will then flow away from the expansion joint rather than try to flow through it. [ Accessed 22/08/19]

White RAL 9016 Galvanised Steel rainwater system components

NEW White Added to Infinity Galvanised Steel Rainwater Range

A NEW White (9016) colour has been added to the durable, affordable and sustainable Infinity Galvanised Steel rainwater system - The future of roofline!

White RAL 9016 Galvanised Steel rainwater system components

Infinity is innovatively designed to be as easy to install as the usual materials used in the UK without the need to solder or rivet. Lengths are just as easy to handle and to cut to size without any specialist tools or equipment.

Originally available in


  • plain Galvanised Steel - which gradually dulls from burnished to dark grey;
  • Copper - which gradually dulls from burnished, to dark brown and eventually in 20 years to the green/blue patina it is famous for;
  • Quartz Zinc - which is already patinaed so will retain its dark grey pre-weathered appearance; #
  • and in Black, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey, Sepia Brown and RAL 9002M, so called 'grey white, but which was a kind of 'porcelain' or ‘antique’ white.

Now we have introduced a NEW RAL 9016M White - which we expect will be popular with uPVC installers who want to be able to offer their customers a premium option - a longer-lasting, and more sustainable, ocean/eco-friendly alternative to buying more plastic in this post ‘blue planet II’ era.

To launch the new colour, we're offering a whopping -40%OFF the White guttering, downpipes and fittings in May/June 2019.

White RAL 9016 Galvanised Steel gutter in situ on a white conservatory

So, get in touch now or a quote, a take off, a flow calculation or a steel sample box and start offering your customers something EXTRA!

call 0800 644 44 28 or email

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See what The Alliance of Sustainable Building Products had to say about plastics in construction  - from its fossil fuel origins, to the plastic industry’s neglect of ‘nurdle’ loss in the transportation of plastic (one100m stretch of beach in Cornwall having an estimated 10m nurdles, and 93% of our beaches having plastic nurdles on them) and that it’s estimated only 14% of plastics are collected to be recycled -  “we must start to switch away”. [Accessed 09/04/19].

And The Considerate Constructor’s Scheme - The plastic industry could account for 20% of the world’s total oil consumption and 15% of the annual carbon budget. The production of plastic is reliant on fossil fuels which emit greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. The degradation of plastic also generates hazardous toxins.  More than 99% of plastics are produced from non-renewable resources. [Accessed 09/04/19]

And also, on the sustainability of Galvanised Steel, from The Galvanizers Association - “Galvanizing is probably the most environmentally friendly process available to prevent corrosion. Manufactured from the most abundant element on earth, iron, steel can be recycled or reused endlessly without detriment to its properties. Some 86% of steel is recycled and 13% is dismantled and used directly for new structures.” [Accessed 09/04/19]

Infinity Galvanised Steel cutting the gutter to fit a wrap-around Outlet Blog Featured Image

Fitting the Wrap-around Outlet – Gutter Cutting Guide

How to cut the Steel Gutter when fitting a running outlet – including a cutting guide to download and print off:

The options

Prefabricated outlet

You can choose to use the prefabricated outlet and save yourself any cutting…

fig001 - White Steel Pre-fabricated Outlet
fig001 - White Steel Pre-fabricated Outle

But you may need to buy an extra gutter union as this’ll need one on either side (unless it’s at the end of a run and is finished/closed off with a stop-end). And it is a little more expensive than the wrap-around outlet.

Wrap-Around Outlet

The wrap-around outlet gives you the greatest flexibility as it can be placed anywhere along any gutter length.

fig002 - Galvanised Steel Wrap-around Outlet
fig002 - Galvanised Steel Wrap-around Outlet

Innovatively designed to be as easy to install as the usual materials used in the UK without the need to solder or rivet, lengths are just as easy to handle and to cut to size without any specialist tools or equipment. Afterall, the hacksaw was originally designed for cutting metal.

Download Cutting Guide

You can choose to download a cutting guide we prepared for you to pint off, cut out and draw around on the gutter - just follow this link to the Downloads Page

fig003 - screenshot of half the Cutting Guide Template PDF
fig003 - screenshot of half the Cutting Guide Template PDF

But you can choose to measure, mark and ‘freehand’ draw the oval in pencil on the gutter surface. Just follow the instructions in the below video (or the instructions in the written video transcript).

[yourchannel video="f55JHPnO_xo"]

Video Transcript

  1. Remove protective film from gutters (and pipes)
    N.B. Galvanised steel must be cut cold. So do not use an angle grinder or spinning blade. Only use a hacksaw, tin snips or a nibbler.
  2. Mark the gutter at the centre point ('A') where the downpipe needs to join the gutter for it to drop to the underground drainage immediately below it
  3. Fit the Outlet on the Gutter centred on mark ‘A’.
    N.B. If you're using the downloaded and printed cutting guide, skip to no.5 now
  4. Mark the Gutter on the outer edges of the Outlet, on the left and the right-hand sides.
    Mark the Gutter again 19mm inwards from these original (B&C) markings.
  5. Measure and mark 50 mm up from the gutter edge to the front and to the back (D&E)
    Combine with the inner left & right markings (B&C) to mark a circle/oval on the gutter.
    (Or you can use the downloaded & printed off PDF cutting guide
    Download it from
    Cut out on the 100, 125 or 150mm line place on the Gutter to use as a template to draw around centred on the original ‘A’ mark and between the 50mm up from the gutter front and back (D&E) marks
  6. Saw through the middle of the marked area with a hacksaw (through mark 'A') deep enough to make an opening for the tin snips to get started
  7. Next, you'll cut out the area inside the marks with the tin snips. It helps to 'dent' one side of the cut with the snips.
    Cut in a spiral, gradually cutting further outwards until you finally reach the marked outline.
  8. ‘Seam’ (bend) the edges back (into the Outlet) with flat pliers. (You can also use a soft hammer to ‘seam’ the inner edges after fitting the Outlet)
  9. Fit the Outlet on the Gutter.
    Centre the cut-out inside the Outlet.
    Secure by wrapping Outlet rear flaps over the rear edge of the Gutter, first by hand, and then with the pliers
    You can also use a soft hammer to ‘seam’ the inner edges after fitting the Outlet.


For more information contact our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0800 644 44 28 from 8am-5pm Mon-Fri or email

Stylish and sustainable, recyclable and long-lasting – galvanised and colour coated steel – #BeTheChange

The Infinity Galvanised Steel range offers customers a sustainable and eco-friendly choice without compromising on good looks and durability. The manufacturers of Infinity supply, buy and use sustainable and ‘long life’ goods in the production of this rainwater system. Waste heat in the production process is recycled to heat the production facilities and water emissions are reduced to 0%, with all water being recycled within their plants. Cardboard packaging is recycled as filling to protect products in onward deliveries. At the end of its useful life (the manufacturer offers a 15year warranty) the rainwater system is easy to uninstall and recycle.

Peterborough Galvanised Steel Case study Image 003

“Since the BBC’s Blue Planet II, the UK has woken up to the problem of plastic. The construction industry is the second largest user of plastic (after packaging), with 20% of plastic waste coming from the construction sector,”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]


“The impacts …of our use of plastic in construction …span across the whole life cycle from extraction, manufacturing, to toxicity and fire e.g. hydrogen cyanide - and continue through to end of life.”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]


And these impacts are now about to be accelerated through an increase in demand for housing in the UK.


We’re not saying we all need to live in a ‘plastic-free’ built environment, we’re just promoting galvanised steel rainwater as a more sustainable choice and also asking the question: ‘When it comes to guttering, can construction be persuaded to kick its plastics habit?’

Gillian Hobbs, director of resource efficiency at the Building Research Establishment (BRE): “…just because a product says it is recyclable doesn’t mean it will be recycled…. it is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for manufacture and its durability is paradoxically also its downfall: plastic that ends up in landfill is likely to take several centuries to decompose and some plastics release harmful chemicals into the soil, damaging water sources.”

  • 198,000 tonnes: the plastic waste from construction in Europe in 2016
  • 85,000 tonnes: the amount that was mechanically recycled

[ Accessed 14/02/19]


Richard Thompson - marine ecologist: “We’ve done a lot of work making sure plastic does its job, but very little amount of work on what happens to that product at the end of its lifetime.
I’m not saying plastics are the enemy, but there is a lot the industry can do to help solve the problem…simply avoiding unnecessary uses of the stuff, are the long-term solutions to the plastic waste problem.”
[ Accessed 14/02/19]


When it comes to guttering and downpipes, whether your motivation is saving the environment or saving money, there are alternatives, including Galvanised Steel which:

  • Offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which can move and crack causing leaks)
  • Has a life expectancy of 25 years
  • Comes in 4 sizes to cope with different roof sizes and the prevailing local rainfall
  • While the plain galvanised material is not recommended for projects in coastal regions where salt water can have a corrosive reaction, in these instances, simply choose one of the 5 stocked robust colour coated options
  • Or choose a bespoke colour! Lead-times will be longer and varying surcharges will apply - but your colour options then become almost limitless.


The innovative design and superior fittings in the Infinity Galvanised steel rainwater system makes it an easy choice over its closest rivals

  • No riveting required (which could lead to a greater potential for corrosion)
  • Greater weight/thickness of material leading to greater stability and a longer life
  • 20% deeper for better rainwater flow capacity in our worsening weather
  • Our bead connector, push-on stopends and Gutter connector - both with EPMD rubber seal - make installation simpler and also add to greater stability.


Steel Sample Box

But you can judge for yourself. Get in touch and we will send out a sample box with a short length of our Infinity Galvanised Steel gutter, fascia bracket, push-on stopend, and gutter union with ‘Z’ clip closure & security tab.


For advice on finding a local installer, or more information about the Infinity Quart Zinc Rainwater System – just get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Infinity on 0800 644 44 28 or email

DOWNLOAD a List Pricelist
READ a case study



P.S. Nurdles: The problem, solutions and how the construction industry can play a role - Please ask your old plastic guttering supplier to take your guttering away and to be responsible for recycling their plastic products. Please ask your current plastic gutter supplier, if you are still considering plastic guttering, to demonstrate to you that they, and their plastic supplier, have done all they can to eliminate spillages and loss of plastic 'nurdles' into the environment throughout their transportion, storage and manufacturing processes.
READ MORE about nurdles and the issues with them here

Uni-Prop®, the NEW temporary steel support system, in place of the old acrow

Uni-Prop® is an innovative now adjustable steel building support offering controlled, hydraulic power (of up to two tonnes) and avoiding the damage to brick, tile and plaster around it that is the inevitable consquence of the necessity to repeatedly, manually ‘strike’ the collars of traditional acrows to aquire the same final pressure, which then requires expensive and time-consuming remedial work adding (now) unnecessary risk, delay and cost to renovation projects. 

This video clip demonstrate much more clearly what we have tried to describe:

Image of manually stricking the collar piece of a tradiational Acrow Prop

Featured on the video, Jeremy Walsham, Director of Footings Direct, Colchester also told us.

“Striking the traditional prop collar (tightening piece) to apply the final upwards pressure, obviously then creates unnecessary movement in the brick that you’re trying to support, displaces bricks, tiles crack in the bathroom upstairs, there’s cracks coming down the wall, and doesn’t really give you that confidence in (the) pressure, but the new Uni-Prop® does. It gives so much pressure under the joists and because you’re not ‘bang, bang, banging’ at the fastening collar, you don’t get any movements, brakes or displacement. We’ve taken out all our stock and replaced them with these.  It’s time to replace the old acrow!

Until you see and use it onsite and realise the confidence it gives you to implement big steels, and sure-up big supporting walls, and the ease of use – you might not believe it. The guys had one run though of the hydraulic unit and got it immediately.”

The key innovation and facilitator of this added safety, time and extra-work-reliever is the detachable hydraulic assembly. It is the addition of this feature that makes Uni-Prop so special and sets it apart from existing devices that are used on virtually every building site everywhere.

UPMIDICP3 - A contractors pack combining he Uni-Prop® Mini - Equivalent of Acrow size 0 and a hydraulic Ram offering an extra discount
Above: The Uni-Prop® Mini - Equivalent of Acrow size 0 - in a 'Contractors Pack' to offer extra discount on the website

Managing Director at Uni-Prop, David Marr commented,

“Uni-Prop has been in development for three years and our resulting solution is a global first in terms of hydraulic assisted temporary support.”

Online purchases in the UK can be made via our building materials partners,, who are currently offering a free 30 day trial for a limited time for trade customers and a 90 day money back guarantee so you can ‘try before you buy’.

The Uni-Prop® family of products consist the of equivalent of Acrow sizes 0, 1 & 2: the Uni-Prop® Mini, Midi & Maxi plus the Hydraulic Assembly Ram. In addition, you’ll also find on the website, they’ve helpfully put together combinations of ‘contractors packs’ with extra discounts based on the size of packs you purchase – so it’s worth looking at those to make extra savings overall.

Marty Sheldrake, a Builder from Woodbridge, having used the Uni-Prop gave this appraisal

“Once builders have used it, they’ll use it time and time again. In just one use, Uni-Prop had more than paid for itself. Don’t hesitate to get this for your business.”

Finally, here’s a quick clip of the Uni-Prop® in action on site being used to position a Steel (excuse the quick flash of slight builder’s cleavage – not the worst example we’ve ever seen!;)


Tradesman on site using Uni-Prop

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Zinc welsh case study image 003

Quartz Zinc Rainwater System – the sustainable architectural choice

Infinity is delighted to watch how well our Quartz Zinc rainwater system is selling, as we recognise how it can contribute to green and sustainable building design and a differentiating architectural aesthetic.


Zinc welsh case study image 003

Zinc welsh case study image 002

Firstly, few other options are as low energy intensive (its relatively low melting point requires significantly less energy to process), as abundant as a resource, and has an extraction process that avoids strip mining meaning less land is disturbed and any environmental damage is minimised.

Plus, with two- thirds of zinc manufactured worldwide being used for flashings and rainwater goods and zinc roofing and wall cladding also becoming attention grabbing design elements – you are in good company in considering Zinc to be an attractive proposition – in more ways than one.

Zinc forms a natural grey protective patina that can be pre-weathered as in the case of our ‘Quartz Zinc’. This patina is self-healing and insoluble to rainwater. As an exposed and highly visible part of the building its beautiful patina is an enhancing characteristic many architects and professional builders are seeking to include in their building design.

In the UK our developers still favour PVCu gutters and downpipes, whereas in Europe steel, zinc and copper are the materials of choice. PVCu is chosen over zinc mainly due the initial cost, however, when you look at the ‘whole life’, long-term costs - spread out over the buildings expected lifespan - zinc actually performs incredibly well on cost and is also obviously considerably more aesthetically pleasing than PVCu.

Zinc allows for both contemporary and traditional aesthetics and a respect for the environment.

What makes zinc the right choice for your build or refurb project?

Zinc Welsh case study Image 001

Stand out from the crowd yet fit in perfectly with nature with a zinc rainwater management system:

  • 100% recyclable - can be recycled indefinitely – recycling of zinc is a well-established industry and scrap zinc generated is easily recovered and sold on – commonly reused in galvanising or fabricating industries
  • Environmentally friendly in extraction and energy efficient & sustainable in production
  • Safe - it is a totally natural product
  • Life expectancy of more than 100 years - Non-ferrous so will not rust, highly resistant to corrosion in any environment, self-healing, will not fade, chip or peel - build for generations to come
  • Part of the beauty of zinc is its natural colouration so no additional paints, sprays or other treatment is ever needed. Sea salt can result in lighter or streaked colour appearing - in seaside locations regular rinsing with fresh water may be required
  • Compatible woods for run off into zinc gutters include: pine, spruce, scotch pine and poplar. Non-compatible woods are: larch, oak, chestnut, red cedar, Douglas fir, white cedar and all woods with a pH less than 5
  • Little or no maintenance required over the life-time of the product and even no replacement required over the lifetime of the building
  • Any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install this system with no specialist tools or training. The 3m gutter lengths and 1, 2 or 3m downpipe lengths makes for swift installation and the clever design features makes installation simple - the innovative Infinity Quartz Zinc rainwater system includes:
    • Glue-in stop-ends – so no need to solder the end of a run of guttering – We’ve a short video for guidance watch here
    • Gutter Union/Connector with EPMD rubber seal – so no brazing, soldering or messy silicone sealant where the 3metre gutter lengths meet
    • Wraparound outlets – so no brazing or soldering where the gutter meets the downpipe
    • Downpipes and bends have swaged necks, so slot together simply, allowing quick install without the requirement for glue or solder
    • Stainless steel nails and screws can be used


What is a Quarts Zinc rainwater system likely to cost?

With the current offer of 40% Off Quartz Zinc, a 3-4 bedroomed detached house could cost, for example:

Zinc Cost example table 3-4 bedroomed detached house

For advice on finding a local installer, or more information about the Infinity Quart Zinc Rainwater System – just get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Infinity on 0800 644 44 28 or email