Bespoke Colours – Pale Green & Pale Stone, for example

It is possible to order bespoke colours for your Galvanised Steel colour coated gutters, downpipes, hoppers and fittings, but it will add to the cost and to the delivery time.

Here we take a look at 2 colours, as an example, that you may wish to consider, each for different reasons:

  1. Pale Green RAL6021 to match a popular colour for windows, doors and conservatories, sometimes referred to as ‘Chartwell Green’

RAL 6021 Pale Green Block  Chartwell Green

  1. Pale Stone RAL1015 to match Cotswold stone or similarly stone clad or stone constructed buildings where you’d like the downpipes to blend in with the stone façade. RAL1015 is also sometimes referred to as  as 'Ivory White'.

Note that it’s the RAL colour number that remains consistent across different manufacturers and different products.

RAL1015 Pale Stone Block Ivory White

What effect does choosing one of these bespoke colours have on the price?

As you can see from the table below, for these two colours it would cost an additional 57% on top of the price for the stocked colours: Black, Brown, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey and White.

These calculations have been based on the components required for a large 4 bedroomed self-build.

Bespoke colour Chartwell GreenRAL 6021 Price Comparison Table

It just so happens that the RAL1015 - Pale Stone is the same cost as the RAL 6021 - Pale Green. They are both in the manufacturer’s price category band 2.

What effect does choosing these bespoke colours have on the delivery time?

The manufacturers require about a week to paint your system components the bespoke colour, after possibly having to ordering the powder in specifically, and we have regular weekly deliveries -  so you should allow a total of between 2-3 weeks for delivery of your bespoke colour system.


So, what bespoke colour do you have in mind now?

  Not every colour will be available in the powder and some colours may fall into a price category ‘band’ that costs more.

  We will need you to select the RAL or BS colour that most closely matches any colour you are considering matching to.

  We will need to know all the system components you require in order to get an accurate quotation, but remember that we can do a take-off from architect's drawings for you

Just give us a call on 0800 644 44 28 to discuss colour with our knowledgeable, friendly sales team.