There is  never been a better time with sales of Galvanised Steel Guttering growing rapidly, to become an installer or stockist of this premium alternative to uPVC guttering.

We can offer you POS, sales aids and also training on installation if you are unfamiliar with working with Galvanised Steel.

The clever design not only appeals to homeowners as it looks stylish and contemporary but it also appeals to installers as it is easy and swift to install.

Panelimage - become an infinity Galvanised Steel Guttering Installer

Clever design makes stylish Infinity steel guttering easy to install

  • 3m long gutter length
  • Easy to install EPDM rubber lined union connectors - do not require messy silicone
  • Push fit stop-ends with  EPDM rubber seal
  • Single piece 90 degree angle gutters
  • Choice of preformed outlets for speed or wrap-around ones for complete flexibility of positioning
  • 90 and 70 degree single seemed bends are used to make up any size offset
  • Swaged 3m downpipes that simply push-fit together
  • Short or long heel shoes to finish off the downpipe stack
  • High-back or short-back fascia brackets with a 55mm backplate for easier fitting to shallow fascia boards

Both lightweight and strong, Galvanised Steel is still malleable which means no cracking over time and only 1.2mm/m*100k thermal expansion which eliminates large movement in cold and warm weather.